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Island Poems

Updated: May 11, 2020

Poetry Inspired by the islands of Penobscot Bay


There are so many things

That are too heavy to bear.

So many things

We let sink to the bottom.

The dreams we had when we were young;

Loves we found and lost;

The people we came from.

We forget them and call it moving on.

We tie our memories up

With careless knots

and toss them overboard,

To remember their spot.

Maybe we’ll find them when we need them,

Their thin, fragile lines leading to the surface

To a foam marker that bobs on an old ocean,

Still roiling from a long ago storm.

ISLANDERS Anneli Skaar

Last night I dreamt about

People who live on islands in winter.

About people who sail east at night

With the sun low on their back,

Throwing long shadows onto the deck.

I dreamt that islanders sail into darkness

Under a sky without stars,

Or even a tiny slice of moon,

And they are swallowed up one by one

to sleep at the bottom of the ocean.

Their eyes are sealed with barnacles

And their mouths are filled with sand.

In the morning, they wash ashore

Onto their granite beaches and

Unwind from a salty bed of kelp and ice.

They welcome the day with a cup of black coffee in a chipped cup inherited from their mother.

They slow the sun down before it races west

Over a mainland that is still asleep,

Under its warm, flowered sheets.

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