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Nansen’s Pastport,  by Anneli Skaar and published by Two Ponds Press of spring 2020, is an artistic re-invention of Norwegian polar explorer and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen’s eponymous refugee passport created for displaced peoples of post-Great War Europe. The fine press book is re-imagined as a climate refugee passport for humanity, using Nansen’s own words in a contemporary context, inviting discussion on how to meet the pressing issues of climate migration while looking to solutions of the past. Published in 2020—the 100 year anniversary of multilateralism as well as the establishment of passport standardization—with the passport’s increasing importance in the documentation and freedom of humans worldwide, it is also an ode to one of the most powerful books in the world.


Visit Two Ponds Press for more images and detailed information about this book.

View a book trailer on Nansen's Pastport.

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