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Grieve all the Things

Updated: May 11, 2020

Grieve all the things you need to grieve, all the missed opportunities and vacations and the tanked plans and efforts, have the worries about making ends meet. And then, if you can — and it’s hard, because Fear and Death are involved — rise thousands feet above the ground and marvel at the poetry of the earth which is sending everyone home to protect the strangers; marvel at nature stopping industry in its tracks; marvel at how humans’ own lack of trust and confidence in its systems is depleting its own bank accounts overnight; marvel at the young citizens of the future being mostly spared; at the crumbling of leaders who don’t lead. It’s the magical realism of an earth that gives zero fucks, and that is sending a warning shot across its bow: get over yourself and start caring about how your actions affect everyone and everything. We’re literally being sent to our rooms to think things over. Hopefully we’ll come out of this a bit wiser.

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