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Saturday, December 14

Welcome to Oslo! Today you'll get to know the city through visiting some of my favorite places, including a morning visit to my favorite open air antiques market to collect vintage Norwegian Christmas decor, a walk to Vigeland Sculpture Park, before we head out to the Norwegian Cultural Museum to walk the grounds and have lunch. After a late afternoon break to rest (or go off on your own adventures) we will regroup in the evening to visit the vast Christmas Market in the center of town, where you may make a meal of the delightful assortment of seasonal offerings sold from the many stalls, enjoy a "gløgg" or do some shopping! Join me in my wandering here or feel free to set off to explore on your own! All transportation, lunch, and museum entries included.



Sunday, December 15 


We will meet to take the metro high above Oslo to the edge of the Northern Woods Nordmarka. Conditions permitting, we will take the 1/2 hour stroll out to the Library of the Future forest, where 1000 trees have been planted to print a series of time-capsule books in 2114. We will visit the extraordinary outdoor painting exhibition at Roseslottet featuring work by artist Vebjørn Sand, an extraordinary walk through WWII history and Norway's role in the resistance movement. Finally, we will settle in front of the fire for a traditional Norwegian Christmas Lunch at one of the most scenic and beautiful restaurants in all of Oslo: Frognerseteren. Evening free to explore Oslo at your own pace, rest after our days walking and massive lunch, or join me if you'd like some company! All transportation, museum entries, and Christmas buffet lunch included.


Monday, December 16

We will begin our day at the fabulous new Munch Museum to explore and be inspired by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's iconic paintings and woodcuts before heading to the nearby Deichmann library to see their Silent Room, the incredible space which houses the manuscripts for the Future Library. We will have lunch at Literatturhuset before heading to our beautiful studio space to relax with coffee, tea, and Christmas treats and begin the first of 3 creative projects which will serve as our body of Christmas Work that we will make during our time in Norway: FIRST UP: A set of Norwegian straw ornaments! We will create a set of these elaborate looking (but simple) star and snowflake-shaped ornaments which are so prevalent in Scandinavia. The tradition of straw ornaments was born out of a much older Pagan tradition known as The Remembrance of the Birds. Farmers would bless their livestock with a healthy portion of fodder, but keep the last sheaf to make decorations often used outdoors. The hope is for birds and other animals to eat it and be blessed. Evening free to explore on your own, or feel free to hang out with me for a delicious simple meal at the studio! All transportation, art materials, museum entries, lunch/tea time treats included.



Tuesday, December 17

We will begin the day with a visit to the Nobel Peace Center to see this year's Peace Prize exhibition. This is Peace Prize month as this prestigious prize is awarded at the Oslo City Hall every year on December 10th. We will next go to the National Museum to visit the magical  "Once Upon a Time" room as well as the permanent collection (and the spectacular gift shop!) before getting lunch in the Museum cafe. We will return to our studio for afternoon coffee/tea and begin our second project: PEACE ON EARTH. Taking inspiration from a quote from one of the many Peace Prize winners over the last century, as well as the artwork in the museum, you will create a watercolor design featuring your chosen quote. I will have your design printed onto two coffee mugs which will arrive at your home in the new year to keep you inspired -- one for you and one for you to give away! If you like, you may order additional mugs as well for an additional cost. Evening free to explore on your own, or feel free to hang out with me for a delicious simple meal at the studio! All transportation, art materials, museum entries, lunch/tea time treats included.


Wednesday, December 18

Today we will start our day with breakfast at XXXXX before going to the studio for our last and most elaborate project. Inspired by our adventures in the past days we will be creating up to 50 (more if there's time) New Years Cards. We will take inspiration from our museum visits to create an edition of beautiful, hand-carved linoleum designs that we will print onto cards to send out in the new year. Lunch in the studio. We will retreat for a break at our hotels before meeting at the spectacular Oslo Opera House for a glass of champagne before enjoying the hottest tickets in town: The Nutcracker! An epic production in one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world. After the show, we will enjoy dinner together at XXXXXX. All transportation, art materials, lunch/tea time treats, champagne, ballet, and goodbye dinner included.


Thursday, December 19

The morning is free to spend as you wish on this last day of our program but we will meet for lunch at the fabulous Expedition Hall at the Sommero Hotel where we will we partake in one of my favorite holiday traditions, the new years letter to yourself. Using one of our printed cards we will write a letter to ourselves to open on December 31, 2025. A time capsule of sorts, this tradition never fails to ground me, and I hope you will enjoy it, too. We will affix stamps and send it to ourselves back home to be kept safe until next December. Our final adventure happens just down the way at the harbor, where our private sauna boat will take us for a 2 pm sunset (!) fjord cruise where the intrepid may take a dip (optional!) in the fjord as a last goodbye to this spectacular city. Goodbyes at the harbor! På gjensyn (until we meet again!)! All transportation, stamps, brunch, and sauna included.

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