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The project takes its inspiration from shared visits to selected islands in and around the Penobscot Bay in mid-coast Maine, that took place through the Winter/Spring of 2017/8. Both Sal and Anneli share a common fascination with the iterant history of the islands, where Mainers for generations have made their homes in often difficult and challenging circumstances.

There is a myth and a romance to the islands, where life is not easy, but a shared sense of history and community keeps a small cadre of fishermen and locals there year round. In summertime the islands are transformed. The summer people who come each year are often repeat visitors with island homes often going back generations and as such have their own sense of connection.

Each island has its own distinct character, as industries and populations have boomed and bust, leaving their stories and histories behind. It was to these histories and stories that Sal and Anneli were drawn. How does isolation forge bonds in a community? How are the memories of the people and the lives they led embedded in the land and in the objects they left behind? These were the first of many questions these two artists, photographer and painter, poet and writer, will be looking to explore during this project.

The work from this project was included in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art BIENNIAL/Fall 2018

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